Types of Affiliate Marketing: Unattached, Related and Involved

There are 3 main kinds of affiliate marketing: related affiliate marketing, unattached affiliate marketing and involved affiliate marketing.

Unattached affiliate marketing

This is a marketing model in which the affiliate has no connection to the service or product he or she is promoting. The affiliate has no recognized related abilities or expertise and do not work as an authority on or make claims about its usage. This is the most uninvolved form of affiliate marketing. The absence of accessory to the potential client and product absolves the affiliate from the task to advise or encourage.

Related affiliate marketing

Related affiliate marketing includes the promo of products and services by an affiliate with some type of relationship to the offering. The affiliate, nevertheless, makes no claims about the usage of the product or service.

Involved affiliate marketing

This kind of marketing creates a much deeper connection between the product and the partner or service they are promoting. They have actually used or are currently using the product and are confident that others can share their positive experience. Their experiences are advertisements, and they act as trusted sources of information. On the other hand, because they are making recommendations, their credibility may be compromised by potential problems with the offer.

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