SEO: Skyscraper Post and Content – Build Expertise and Authority

Such an article is of a very high quality and provides an in-depth analysis of a particular topic. This kind of article answers the questions that users have come looking for.

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The strategy skyscraper technique, proven effective many times over, works effectively when combined with content clusters.

Simply put, you write a single, truly in-depth article, guide or other content type that targets your most important keyword. If you sell kitchen renovations, it can be a guide to things to consider when considering a kitchen renovation. In this case, many people will find your page with the keyword “kitchen renovation” + your region. This can be “kitchen renovation birmingham” or something similar.

High quality and illustrative videos help to establish credibility and help to make the buying decision easier.

Most importantly, do your homework carefully and answer your keyword and supporting queries as succinctly and in-depth as possible.

What is skyscraper post?

The skyscraper post is a content building technique for example for get high-quality backlinks to get the page higher in Google search results. Skyscrapers are long-form evergreen content pages, usually 1000-2000 words in length.

Many articles using the “skyscraper” technique are downright nonsense, especially in international markets. They can contain thousands of words of text, images and infographics and offer enormous value to the user.

You will have come across articles and guides of this kind. They are created with SEO in mind, to bring traffic to the page.

Take a cue from your competitors but make even better content

The term “skyscraper” comes from the name, where you build your content up a layer or two above your competitors. Feel free to spy on all your top-ranking competitors’ content based on your keywords and take a leaf out of your own text.

But don’t copy directly, take a leaf out of your book and do better. You’re sure to rank high in search results.

Supporting articles around your skyscraper post

Next, using your keyword analysis, design around 5-10 supporting articles around your skyscraper post. Use more specific keywords, and explore the topics covered in your main article in more depth in these supporting articles. You can use the subheadings of your main article to help you come up with new supporting articles.

Once you have published your main article and your supporting articles, create plenty of internal links between them; refer from the supporting articles to the main article and from the main article to the supporting articles, from points in the text that seem natural. This sends the message to Google, (and Google users) that you know your subject area like the back of your hand.

This page is part of the Search Engine Optimization Guide, which you can find here: SEO Guide –

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